There are a limited number of ways to prevent soil erosion. It is a naturally occurring process that shapes and changes the landscape. However, when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of homes and buildings, it is important to keep the soil in place as much as possible to maintain a solid ground for the foundation to sit on. Soil erosion leads to sinking and settling problems that can adversely affect the condition of your foundation and cause structural damage. While proper drainage is one way to slow soil erosion, there are also other methods that may be appropriate and required in some cases to prevent the soil from significantly shifting. Retaining walls are an effective way to keep soil in place where the land is heavily sloped.

Mitigate Soil Erosion

Shreveport Foundation Repair provides retaining wall repair services to help ensure your retaining walls remain strong and solid. Retaining walls are constantly subject to the massive weight of the soil they hold back. A few cracks may threaten the overall structural integrity of the wall leading to eventual collapse of failures. Neglecting the condition of your retaining walls may leave your foundation vulnerable to problems as well. These walls keep soil from eroding way from the base of your foundation. Problems with your retaining wall may in turn allow for rapid soil erosion and settling problems.

Strength and Durability

Issues property owners often encounter with retaining walls include leaning, cracks, or crumbling of entire sections of the wall. Even minor problems can reduce the strength and durability of a retaining wall, so it is crucial to quickly address any damage that arises. One crack can lead to the entire wall collapsing. At Shreveport Foundation Repair, we can quickly remediate any issue to ensure your retaining walls are able to continue doing their job for years to come. We deliver effective solutions that last!

Professional Quality Repairs

The cost of fixing foundation can take its toll on your wallet. Even with an affordable foundation contractor on the job, it is not an expense you would want to incur regularly. That is why it is important to choose foundation repair specialists who can provide you with quality work that will last. Professional foundation and retaining wall repairs get to the heart of the problem and fix it in a way that will not fail one or two years down the line. It is not a bandage but rather a cure. While foundation problems in the long term are almost inevitable, with Shreveport Foundation Repair, you can be sure that we will see to it that you are free from foundation problems for a long time.

Comprehensive Services

Our company offers a wide range of services aimed at mitigating and remediating foundation damage. This includes drainage services, retaining wall repairs, foundation inspection, and settlement repair. We are experts in pier and beam as well as concrete slab foundation services, and assist customers with the care and repair of both residential and commercial buildings. For foundation repair services in Shreveport LA, contact us. 


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