Concrete slabs commonly form the foundation for many homes and commercial buildings. They are strong, durable, and cost effective. Typically, you will not need to worry about the condition of your concrete foundation for many years following the initial construction of your building unless you experience sinking or settling problems. However, it is inevitable that changes in the soil in combination with the full weight of the structure will eventually take its toll on any foundation. Fortunately, foundation repair services can help to keep your foundation intact and ensure your building stands strong for many more years. Shreveport Foundation Repair is the leading foundation contractor in the area. We fix foundation problems, as well as provide foundation inspection, house raising, structural damage repair, and more.

Cracked or Crumbling Foundations

It is not always easy to see the early signs of foundation failure. Homeowners should take issues such as ceiling cracks, sloping floors, and cracked exterior walls very seriously. While these problems may seem mostly cosmetic in nature, they could be indicative of foundation problems such as a cracked slab. We highly recommend contacting your local foundation repair specialists for a foundation inspection and free inspection estimate. It is always better to know early on whether you may have a structural issue with your home in order to prepare both financially and mentally for the impact of repair work.

Settling and Sinking

Another common issue that affects concrete slab foundations and other types of foundations such as pier and beam or block and base foundations is sinking or settling. This occurs when the soil beneath your building starts to shift. Over time, soil may be eroded away by water, or expand and compact in response to changes in the weather. What began as a level base for your home may become uneven over time, placing tremendous stress on certain parts of the structure of the building. This can result in costly damage and threaten the stability and structural integrity of your building. There are several ways to correct these problems to prevent further damage. Mud jacking, house leveling, and other foundation repair methods directly target sinking and settling problems.

Repair Services

Maintaining a solid and strong building starts at the foundation. While it is a part of the home that remains underground and out of sight in many cases, it is nevertheless one of the most important parts of any building in terms of their structural components. Problems with the foundation can spread and affect many other parts of the home. Our foundation repair services ensure that homeowners and business owners in Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas have access to the best top affordable foundation contractor in the area.

New Foundation

We offer both residential and commercial foundation repairs for concrete slab foundations, pier and beam foundations, and more. You can contact us for a foundation inspection to determine the condition of the foundation of your house or commercial building. We will help you identify and correct any existing foundation problems.


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