Property owners often rarely think about what happens to rain runoff following a thunderstorm, but it is an important consideration in designing, building, and maintaining a structurally sound house or building. Groundwater and rain is commonly the culprit behind foundation problems. Water and moisture can cause rotting or mold to pier and beam foundations, or erode away the soil beneath a concrete slab foundation leading to sinking or settling problems. Much of this can be mitigated through effective and efficient draining around your property. Our draining repair services help you make sure you have optimal drainage around your home or commercial building in order to protect the foundation and mitigate basement leaks.

Foundation Protection

At Shreveport Foundation Repair, we believe in helping our customers avoid problems before they occur. We know better than most how stressful and costly foundation problems and repairs can be for homeowners or business owners. They can impact everyday activities or business operations, as well as cause emotional turmoil. Your house or commercial building is a high value asset, so make sure it is protected starting with its very foundation. Proper drainage can help to mitigate many potential foundation problems and help you avoid the major cost of fixing foundation issues.

Drainage Repair and Replacement

Water can pool around the base of a structure for many reasons. Primarily, it is due to poor or non-existent drainage. Drainage systems help to lead water away from the building where it can safely dissipate into the ground. When this fails to occur as it should, it can lead to basement leaks, soil erosion beneath your foundation, or direct water damage to the building materials of your foundation. Our foundation experts can provide draining repair and replace damaged or inefficient drainage systems to help preserve your foundation and mitigate the need for structural damage repairs over time.

Residential and Commercial Foundations

We are a foundation contractor specializing in concrete slab and pier and beam foundation repairs for residential and commercial buildings in Shreveport, LA. We offer competitive pricing for top tier service from qualified and experienced foundation experts. We provide foundation inspection, settlement repair, foundation repair, house leveling, and more. We fix foundation problems as well as help our customers avoid them in the first place, saving them time, money, and many headaches.

Expert Shreveport LA Foundation Contractors

Our foundation repair methods are proven to be long lasting and effective. No matter how severe the problem, we are confident we can help you resolve it without breaking the bank. We are proud to be able to help residential and commercial property owners protect their investments, their livelihoods, and their homes. Whether it is a foundation floor crack or settling problems, we will make sure the condition and structural integrity of your home is fully restored. Give us a call for a free inspection estimate. We will help you identify and resolve any foundation problems, and assist you in maintaining your foundation for years to come.


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