Shreveport Foundation Repair


As the base of a structure, the foundation can determine how strong and sturdy a building is. Its condition is inseparable from the overall condition of your house or commercial building. A foundation problem will eventually lead to problems throughout the building. For this reason, it is important to choose the best when to comes to the care and repair of your pier and beam or concrete slab foundation. 

Shreveport Foundation Repair is the top foundation repair specialists in Shreveport, Louisiana. We help our customers deal with a wide range of problems spanning from draining repair to fixing foundation cracks.


Our company started as a small homegrown business delivering basic foundation repair services to residential and commercial property owners in the local area. Throughout the years, we have grown and expanded our business to meet the needs of a growing customer base. Our customers come to us with various problems that can vary in severity. Each requires a special set of skills and a particular area of knowledge. We have built our team to include individuals with a wide set of expertise in all matters related to preventative maintenance and foundation repair. We have become the number one choice for assistance with any and all foundation related concerns, and strive to continue to help our customers in any way we can through our expertise and experience.


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​Foundation problems are not all alike. Some customers approach us with concerns regarding settling problems while others are worried about a foundation floor crack. Still others contact us requesting a foundation inspection just for their own peace of mind. None of these tasks are too big or too small for our team. From damage mitigation to house leveling, we know it is important to our customers to have professional assistance when they need it. That is why we make sure that we offer a comprehensive range of services that address the myriad needs of our customers.




Concrete slab foundations are a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Their main advantage is cost effectiveness. They are highly strong and durable, and many issues when caught early on can be repaired relatively quickly and easily. If you need help repairing a concrete crack or fixing a damaged slab, contact us for more information. We offer affordable services and expert workmanship.

Pier and beam foundations have their own advantages and strengths. However, they are quite different from concrete slab foundations, and have unique foundation problems that can arise from time to time. From preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations to structural damage repair, our foundation experts have the knowledge, tools, and skills to assist you.

When water gets into your basement, it can cause all types of damage and destruction to your property. Whether it is a small leak or a flood of water, once water damage has been done, it can be costly to fix or replace everything that was affected. Basement waterproofing can give you greater peace of mind and security. We will assist with waterproofing installation as well as draining repair to keep the water out of your basement.




Water should never pool around the base of a building or flow towards it. If it does, it means something has gone wrong either in the design and construction of the building, or with the drainage system. Whatever the cause, poor drainage spells bad news for the foundation of your home or business. For draining repairs, contact our foundation company. We can help you determine why your drainage is not working as it should and help you fix it so that it does.

To help keep dirt and soil in place, especially in hilly or sloping areas, retaining walls are commonly built around houses and commercial buildings. They play an important role in mitigating soil erosion and protecting the buildings and structures that sit on the land. It is important to properly maintain your retaining walls in order to continue to ensure a solid and even base for your foundation to sit on. Contact us for assistance fixing old or damaged retaining walls to ensure quality workmanship and long term durability.


​The best way to spare yourself unnecessary headaches and expenses is to contact a professional to assist you with any foundation concerns or problems in a timely manner. Don’t wait around to see how things turn out. Foundations problems will not get better on their own. In fact, things tend to only get much worse with time. Even if you are unsure about whether you are dealing with a foundation problem, there’s nothing to lose by contacting Shreveport Foundation Repair. We offer a free inspection estimate and friendly assistance by telephone and email to help you get more information to inform your decisions.

"I thoroughly researched foundation companies near me and there were many recommendations for Shreveport Foundation Repair. After using their services, I am also happy to recommend them to others. They did a fantastic job for a very reasonable price!" - Stephanie H.

"I suspected my old house had some foundation problems, and after a foundation inspection it turned out I was right. Shreveport Foundation Repair was able to fix the problem much more quickly and affordably than I expected." - Tim W.

"The cost of fixing foundation was a big concern for me. This company had very competitive pricing, excellent reviews, and a great customer service. They have amazing employees who are helpful and knowledgeable, and the work was top notch!" - Angela R.