When a house or building begins to settle or sink into the ground, it can be a great source of concern for many owners. After all, this is a major issue, and one that can seem impossible to fix. However, there are many ways to raise or level out a building that has shifted from its original position. Foundation repair methods can vary in cost depending on the extent of the damage, the amount of work necessary to fully restore the foundation, and other factors. Mudjacking provides an affordable way to address sinking and settlement problems. It is an effective and reliable solution to a very serious problem that threatens the structural integrity of your building. Contact Shreveport Foundation Repair to learn more about our mudjacking services.

Soil Erosion

The land beneath your home will gradually shift over time. The length of time it takes before this begins to affect your foundation can depend on the type of ground your property sits on. Certain types of soils or sediments are softer or more prone to shifting than others. This problem can be compounded by erosion caused by the flow of water around the base of the structure and beneath the ground. Groundwater or rain runoff can pull soil away from beneath your home or business. Eventually, all these changes can cause your foundation to start to sink or settle. This leads to a multitude of problems. In most cases, your foundation will not settle evenly. Instead, you may notice the floor of your home start to slope or you may see your home appear to be sloped from the exterior.

Leveling Your Home

Although settling is something that occurs gradually and naturally, it is not something that can be ignored. Eventually, your building will reach a point where structural damage starts to emerge as a result. A foundation crack or foundation problems can be costly to fix depending on their severity. In order to avoid the high cost of major repairs in the long run, there are a number of steps that can be taken to correct settlement and keep your foundation and the ground it sits on solid. Mudjacking involves pumping mud beneath the base of your foundation to replace eroded soil or fill gaps that form from soil movement.

Effective and Affordable

Our mudjacking services are affordable and, more importantly, effective in helping to restore the support beneath the foundation of your home or commercial building. Additionally, we also offer house raising and house leveling services to ensure that your house or building sits as it should. We are the leading foundation experts in the area when it comes to pier and beam or block and base foundations. Contact us for a foundation inspection if you have any concerns about the condition or position of your foundation.

Shreveport LA Foundation Contractor

Here at Shreveport Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves on being the best foundation repair specialists in the local area. With many years of experience helping our customers with a wide range of problems from preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations to foundation crack repair, we have the knowledge and skills required to deal with any problems our customers may encounter. 


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